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15-11-2022 | Frank Jansen

5 reasons to ride an ultra fondo

The ultra fondo is the epic version of the gran fondo. Many GF enthusiasts shudder at the thought; others want nothing more. Why ride an ultra fondo? 

Photo: Herman Nekkers (left), Frank Jansen (center) and AnneMarie Pieterse (right)

1. You are looking a challenge

Maybe you find the 174 km and 5000m+ of La Marmotte no longer enough.

2. You're riding the longest course

Otherwise you will always have the feeling "if only I had...".

3. It belongs on your palmares

End of story.

4. You're curious

What it's like to digest more than 250 km and more than 6000 meters of climbing.

5. You want to do Everesting but without riding up the same mountain over and over again

Then you can join, for example, the Tour des Stations. With code 9CHI2U

Learn more about ultra fondos? In our latest podcast (in Dutch) we talk about it, with AnneMarie Pieterse as our guest.

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