08-11-2021 | Frank Jansen

Cool new initiative: Vai Vai Vai

CycloWorld loves new, small-scale initiatives. Today in the spotlight: vaivaivai.cc, a service by CycloWorld reader Sander Landsmeer.

What is Vaivaiai?

Vai Vai Vai (Italian for "go go go!") is made for riders who occasionally set their sights on a gran fondo or sportive. For cycling enthusiasts with a Garmin bike computer, Vaivaivai.cc has created a data field in which the cheers of your fans can be shown during your ride.

How does it work?

  1. You install the Vai Vai Vai data field on one of your screens on your Garmin bike computer.
  2. Via vaivaivai.cc you create a link, which you can share with your fans.
  3. On the day of your event, you'll see the cheers they've left pass by on your screen. For a little extra motivation!

More information can be found at the vaivaivai.cc.

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