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17-03-2020 | Frank Jansen

COVID-19: In which countries is cycling still allowed?

Some countries are in lock down, some aren't. What are the consequences for recreational cycling in the different countries in Western Europe? Are we still able to ride our beloved bikes? Our should be move our trainers to the garden?.


As of 18-3, Belgium has also chosen to go in lockdown. Most shops will be closed. Getting a breath of fresh air is still allowed according to Het Laatste Nieuws. Max. group size 2. Working from home is mandatory unless impossible, in which case commuting by bike is still allowed.


Strong measures have been taken by the Germans. Schools and most shops are closed. Germans are not allowed to go on holiday anymore. There are border controls and tourists are banned. However, cycling is still allowed for the moment.


On 17-3 / 12:00 the country will be locked down. The French need a special form to go outside. Cycling is still allowed, since physical activities are on the list of exceptions. However, you need to stay close to home and you can only go alone. Commuting appears to be allowed as well. [update]. As of tomorrow, recreational cycling is not allowed anymore, says our France expert Rob.


Following Italy, Spain is now in lockdown. The country is in a state of emergency. Cycling outside means risking a 3000 euro fine, even for pro riders. Commuting seems to be allowed however, according to 


Italy's resembles Spain. The decree prohibits recreational cycling and walking, unless you have a dog. Commuting by bike is still allowed.

United Kingdom

Of all countries in Western Europe, the situation in the UK is the most liberal. Schools and restaurants are still open. Even some sport events were not cancelled in the past fey days. Prime minsiter Johnson seems to aim for herd immunity all the way. Cycling outside is not a problem.

The Netherlands

As of 24th of March, cycling outside is only allowed in groups less than 3.

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