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25-09-2020 | Frank Jansen

Cyclocalendar becomes CycloWorld!

We have mentioned it before, but in the background we are working hard on improving our platform. In this article we give a sneak preview of the changes you can expect soon.

Photo: The new calendar (test version)

More and more people find their way to CycloWorld. However, the current website needs an update. It's time for drastic measures: a totally new website. We also say goodbye to CycloWorld and continue under the name CycloWorld. It's not that far yet, we are still CycloWorld. In the coming weeks we will keep you regularly informed about the progress.

Why is CycloWorld?

First of all, we are becoming more and more international. Our home base is the Netherlands and Belgium, but more and more passionate cyclists from France, Germany, the UK and other countries are finding us. Until now we worked with different domain names per language. This is awkward for several reasons and we want to get rid of that. With CycloWorld this is no longer necessary. Everything comes under one domain name:

We do not forget about heritage, we will always publish in Dutch. But almost all our articles will be in English as well.

In addition, we are more than just the calendar. This is and will remain our basis, but we offer much more than this. Up-to-date news, backgrounds, reviews, routes, accommodations and free tickets. All information about gran fondos, sportives and multi-day events can be found at CycloWorld.

What's changing?

A lot. Of course the look & feel. The design is up to date again. But also the filter becomes more user friendly. Searching by date will soon be much easier. It will also soon be possible to select an event from a popular cycling area such as the Alps, Vosges or Black Forest. Furthermore, we're going to put a lot more information on the detailed event pages.

What doesn't change is the most extensive calendar of international cycling events (more than 2000 now), the news and background information and our giveaways.

Also for advertisers (event organizations, tourism, travel organizations, cycling industry) we offer a lot of new opportunities to reach the fast growing niche market of eager cyclists. Interested? Mail to

For the future there are also a number of very cool features planned. Like creating a list of favorites.

When do we go live?

We'll keep the exact date a secret for a while, but we promise it won't take long. Until then, CycloWorld will remain in the air!

From October 1st, we will start our English email newsletter.

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What happens next with

The old URL's will eventually automatically redirect to CycloWorld. 

CycloWorld kit

If we would offer a CycloWorld kit of a very cool brand, are you interested in ordering one? Let us know in the poll.

Poll: Would you be interested in a Cycloworld cycling kit?


Did you know that CycloWorld also has an online shop

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