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19-12-2020 | Frank Jansen

CycloWorld introduces My CW

Some visitors may have seen it already. A new button has appeared on the top right: My CW. It used to say "Login", a functionality that was used by the site administrators. But that is going to change. From now on, visitors will also be able to create a profile and will soon have access to a number of unique features. What can you expect?


The first feature we are going to implement is as simple as it is convenient: a favorites list. Write down all granfondos and sportives you always want to ride again. Your dream list made available easily. The dates of the next editions will be automatically updated for you.

Via the event page you can add an event to your favorites later on. Via My CW you can then view and change the list of favorites. In terms of layout it will look very similar to what the calendar looks like now.


With this feature you make your own annual plan. Simply add all the events you want to ride next year. Your personal calendar at a glance. Share the list with your friends. 

Palmares ©

You'll be able to claim the granfondos and sportives you've ridden before. This will give you your own unique list of achievements. In cycling language we also call this.... you've guesses it. This list will also be shareable, so you can impress your friends. And of course one event can be in your Palmares © several times. 


By popular request the event reviews will return. Read what others thought of event and add your own opinion. Useful to make a decision or if you want to get in the mood. You can choose whether you only want to give a quick "star review", or a complete turn-by-turn report with pictures. Through My CW you can view and edit your own reviews. 

When will all this be available?

We expect to have Favorites online within a few weeks. After that we will continue working on Palmares ©, plans and reviews. At this moment you can already create your profile. Highly recommended!

Testers wanted!

We are always looking for visitors who want to think and/or test with us. Please sign up at Rob.

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