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03-12-2020 | Herman Nekkers

CycloWorld presents routes in cooperation with Komoot

The avid followers may have already discovered it: on the detail pages of the most popular gran fondos we now also show the routes. Our users have asked for this several times. We're doing this together with the popular route platform Komoot. Read how it works below. And we also have a great give away!

Which events?

We focus primarily on the most popular gran fondos and stage races. At the moment we have about 30 events with an itinerary. These are stored in a collection. You can find them all here. Our intention is to expand that number quickly.

Follow us on Komoot and you will always be informed of new routes we add.

How does it work?

All routes can be found on the event detail page. Take a look at the Dolomites Marathon, for example. The overview map shows all three distances, which you can then view in detail. Click on it and you will enter the collection. For this you need a Komoot account. If you don't have one yet, you can create one for free. 

It's user-friendly and self-explanatory. When you click on a route you will see four blocks of information

  • Map.
  • Altitude profile.
  • Information about the road surface.
  • Weather forecast.

You can zoom in on the altitude profile. This is very useful if, for example, you want to view a particular climb in detail. To do this, click your mouse, hold it down and drag it to the right. As soon as you let go, this section will be highlighted and you will see more details (see image below).

Want to know more about using Komoot? Read these super handy guides.

Which routes do we show?

You will always find the route of the next edition. Not every granfondo follows the same route every year. Some even present a different one every year. Others change occasionally, such as the Alpenbrevet in 2020 and the Marmotte in 2021. We may add old routes at a later date, but that is not a priority for the time being.

Training routes, weather forecast and highlights.

If you are going to ride a gran fondo, you may want to ride training routes in advance. Komoot has an immense amount of routes at your disposal. Go to Discover in the menu bar and enter your location. You will always get a list of interesting tours in the area. Super easy.

Do you prefer to make your own route? That's also possible. You can use Route planner to make the trip you want to take yourself.

The weather forecast shows the forecast for the whole region. Premium subscribers receive a detailed weather forecast, which shows you exactly the weather conditions you can expect on each part of the route a few days in advance. Very important information for the choice of clothing, especially in the high mountains. If you ride gran fondos often, it is definitely worth considering.

Komoot Highlights allows you to add recommendations from other Komoot users to your route with just one click, so you won't miss a thing.

Help us.

If you have a route of a gran fondo you have ridden, please send it to If the route is still up to date, we will post it.


Komoot can be used free of charge to view routes and collections. For downloading you need a paid account. Komoot works with regional packages. We recommend a World Package. You pay €29,99 once. This allows you to navigate anywhere in the world offline in the app or use the route in your GPS computer. It's a purchase for life, so no extra costs!

If you really want to get the most out of your subscription, choose Komoot Premium for €4.99 per month.

Read all about the different packs here.

Win a world pack!

To help you on your way we give away 3 free world packs. Sign up here. The latest registration date is Sunday Dec, 6th 2020.

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