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11-03-2022 | Frank Jansen

Galibier Challenge and Maurienne Gravel, the perfect early season tandem

At CycloWorld we live small-scale organizations. Small events often have something special, something extra. There is often a good atmosphere, the region benefits greatly and many locals help out as volunteers. What could be better than one small event? Exactly: two small events. Introducing the Galibier Challenge and the Maurienne Gravel Experience. Both from the same organizer.

Photo: Friend-of-the-show Frederic Glorieux took 3rd place in last year's Galibier Challenge.

There are quite a few reasons why you should ride these gran fondos. We'll mention 5, it could easily have been 10.

1. Two events in one weekend

The Galbier Challenge wil be held on June the 5th, the Maurienne Gravel Experience on June 4 - one day before. So you can do two trips in one weekend. If on one of the two days the weather is not so good, you still have the next day. Spread your chances! Combining is also possible because the longest distances of both tours are not so extreme. In the race bike tour you cover 110 km and 3350m+ in the long distance, in the gravel event it's 67 km and 2627m+.

2. Gravel and road

The Galibier Challenge is a gran fondo for the road bike, while the Maurienne Gravel Experience is an event for the gravel bike, crosser or MTB. By the way, this fondo also has a competitive character, but if you prefer to ride casually, it is certainly not forbidden. So you'll have to take an extra bike, but ... Then you have maximum variety! And who doesn't want to ride up the Télégraphe on gravel....?

3. The place in the calendar

Both events are early in the season. A goal early in the season motivates to keep moving well this winter / early spring.

4. Snow walls. Guaranteed.

Both events take place just a few days after the official opening of the mountain passes. The chance of snow walls on the Galibier is therefore 100%. Say it yourself, this is on every cyclist's bucket list, right? And to make it even better.... the organization is seriously considering the possibility of cycling over real snow in the Gravel Experience. How cool is that?

5. No hysteria

We already wrote: these are smaller, but very well organized events. Sympathetic, no stress, no playing at cycling and no hysteria. Finding accommodation at this time of year should not be a problem. Nothing but advantages. Another advantage: the registration free of €40 per race is very very fair. And last but not least: attractive starting times. The gravel ride starts at 10:00 whilst the road race wil depart at 8:45. Just pefect.

Ride with us?

What are you waiting for? Then quickly register for the Galibier Experience and/or the Maurienne Gravel Experience. Would you rather participate for free? You know us.... Of course we are also giving away tickets! With the codes below you can register for free. Code not working anymore? If so, 3 people have already entered!

  • Gravel Maurienne: mgeworld22 (valid until 28-5)
  • Galibier Experience: cycloworld22 (valid until 28-5)

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