14-07-2020 | Frank Jansen

GeMSe: a challenging sportive around the Stelvio

Some events even surprise us. The GeMSe on September 5th is one of those. In this article, we'll talk you through this event. And we even have a special offer in store for our readers.

The Stelvio is the pinnacle of of the GeMSe tour. The longest route is one for the real climbers and long distance riders. Think this through: Stelvio (Prato) - Mortirolo - Gavia - Stelvio (Bormio). You'll come home with a staggering 190 km with just under 7000m! This gets the event on spot number 3 in our CWiX-250 index, worldwide standard when it comes to determining the weight of a sportive.

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Shorter options available

Is this just too much? There are also 3 shorter routes available:

  • 130 km/3750m: Stelvio (Prato) - Mortirolo for 75%, finish in Bormio
  • 150 km/5350m: like the 130 km +  climb of the Stelvio from Bormio 
  • 170 km/5350m: Stelvio (Prato) - Mortirolo - Gavia

For us, all distances are worthwhile. Choosing will be difficult.

All signs on green

The GeMSe is a recurring event organised every year during the first weekend of September. This year the event takes place on 5 September 2020. The organisation checked the location on 4-5 July and found that the borders and accommodations are open and the roads are in top condition. Based on the current situation and the safety measures to be taken, all lights are on green.

Registration can be done via Gemse.eu. If you use the discount code 'cyclokalender', you have a chance to win a free ticket. Out of every 6 registrations one subscriber gets a free ticket.

Good cause

Maybe you noticed that the letters M and S are capitalized in the word GeMSe. This is not without reason. This year the organization will pay per participant a fixed percentage of the registration fee to the account of the MS fund. So you don't have to beg your friends for sponsorship money (although of course you can). The organization takes that task off your hands. 

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