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19-06-2024 | Frank Jansen

Good news for Marmotte and Tour: Galibier likely to open soon

The Col du Galibier is still not fully open at this time. Cycling or riding up is possible, but 1 km below the summit, it is now mandatory to take the tunnel, which is normally closed to cyclists. Despite this, there is good news for both the Tour and La Marmotte: the col is likely to open within one week.

Tunnel at Col du Galibier

Tour stage cancelled?

Last week, there was a hard-hitting rumor that the entire stage would be removed from the Tour altogether. This report was eagerly picked up by many media outlets. Apparently, the existence of the tunnel was unknown to many. There was less panic among participants in La Marmotte; in the past, the gran fondo had to take the tunnel instead of the road.

Good news

There is some good news, however. As we speak, work is in full swing, according to the video below (from June 18) on X. According to various sources, including Météo France, the work should be completed within one week, which means by next Tuesday at the latest. Of course, nothing unexpected should happen; we've had snow this spring before. So fingers crossed, but everything seems on track. Meanwhile, the first rider has been spotted cycling over the col on Strava, which is also a good sign.

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