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UPDATE - Les 3 Ballons 2021 cancelled

UPDATE 11-05-2021

Cycling Classics France just announced the cancellation of Les 3 Ballons. The local authorities didn't support the new date and only about 250 riders registered for the new date. 

Original article:

Cycling Classics France, organizer of the popular Les 3 Ballons gran fondo, earlier made clear that the 2021 edition will not take place on the planned date of 5 June. Now a final date has been announced. In 2021! 

Originally there were two possible alternatives as a fallback:

  • New date on Saturday 28 August.
  • No edition in 2021 and postponement to 2022.

The organization announced that Les 3 Ballons will be held on August 28, 2021. Great news that the event will take place this year.

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