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15-02-2021 | Herman Nekkers

List of Wallonia monsters episode 4

We are already at part 4 of the Walloon Monsters. We're racing into the top 10 which means we're now in the Champions League of Belgian slopes.

Let's recap. Read part 1part 2 and part 3 here.

10. Côte de Roche-aux-Faucons

Côte de Roche-aux-Faucons

The Côte de Roche-aux-Faucons has quickly become a cycling monument. In recent years, this is where the pro's fight epic battles in Liège-Bastogne-Liège. For the purists it is also a notorious hill. Does the second part belongs to the climb or not? I won't waste words on it: that spur is simply part of the climb.

Part 1 is a horribly steep wall of one and a half kilometers that starts in Esneux. Sections of 17% demand the utmost from the legs. Even the pros crack here, especially since there are attacks. Once over the top, it briefly goes downhill. Barely enough to recover. And then comes part 2: a spur of over 2 kilometers along the Falcon Rock (Roche aux Faucons). On paper, this part seems doable, but with peaks up to 12% this is definitely not a walk in the park. You won't be the first to choke on this.


More info on Climbfinder.

09. Thier de Huy

Thier de Huy

The city of Huy is of course known for The Wall. But there is another monster climb to be found. Or rather, two more. The Thier de Huy and the Vieux Thier de Huy. Both start from the same point and come back out at the same point. The Vieux Thier turns left directly straight up. However, this is a one-way street in the opposite direction, prohibited for cyclists. It is strictly controlled, cycling is done at your own risk.

I therefore limit myself to the Thier de Huy. Because the Vieux Thier runs steeply upwards you have the idea for a moment to take the easy side. That feeling lasts no longer than a few dozen meters, because then it goes completely wild. A kilometer with an average of 13.2% pulls all the energy out of your legs in a hurry. The road surface of the narrow road is horrible, but good enough for cycling. The "crooked houses" rub in how steep it is. Cycling is more like a circus act than sport. After 500 meters, it mellows out a bit, but it's still struggling.

Unfortunately, there are no events coming along, you'll have to discover it for yourself. However, it is part of La Conquête des Ardennes.


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More info on Climbfinder.

08. Les Hézalles

Les Hézalles

Les Hézalles is a story of its own. From the village of Trois Ponts there is a tiny road between the houses. How it's been constructed is a mystery to me. I suspect that they just let a box of asphalt flow down from above. 16.2% over 300 meters, with a peak of 23% just before the turn. Your front wheel just comes off the ground here. This is really for the enthusiasts. Pulling on the handlebars, struggling, cursing and ranting. It's just bizarre.

At most, you can catch your breath for a few hundred meters, but then the misery just continues. Hardly recovered from the brutal violence, the road just continues its route towards the clouds. Slightly less steep than before, but with squeezed legs it hardly feels less. This is no fun anymore (or is it secretly?). After another one-kilometer torture it's over. The purists ride here to the left in the direction of Dairomont. You then climb another 3 1/2 kilometers. A great route to get the heart rate down or to blast through and give your friends the final blow.


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More info on Climbfinder.

07. Mur de Maboge

Mur de Maboge

This killer slope is known by several names: Pied Monti, Mur de la Velomediane and Mur de Maboge. Since the latter has the tastiest mouth I'll stick with it here. Tradition tells that the first kilometer was once a staircase, perhaps that is where the name Pied Monti comes from. It could just be. If you have ever ridden the Velomediane Criquielion you must know this monster well. After a long descent it suddenly turns left. Past a campsite and some terraces you cross the bridge. The Ardennes at its best, it is hard to imagine a more charming environment. There is nothing to indicate that around the bend there is a huge slope. The road goes straight uphill. The road surface is fine. But oh how this hurts. Up to 18%, sighing and groaning. For a moment it seems to level off, but that is an illusion. The wall that looms up is terrible. Both your body and your bike squeak and creak until you reach the top. For a short while it descends, but soon the road goes up again. And make no mistake, this is not a spur where you can blast through. Two difficult sections of 10% ensure that you never get into your rhythm. Until the end you feel the effort. After 3 kilometers it is over, what a beast of a climb.


More info on Climbfinder.

06. Thier de Coo

Thier de Coo

The Flèche de Wallonie is probably the most beautiful sportive in Wallonia. Anyone who has ever ridden it knows the infamous triptych: Stockeu, Wanneranval, Thier de Coo. A criminal trio that is planned in the last 50 kilometers of this ride, if the legs have already given the best. The start of the Thier de Coo is like most of the Walloon monsters, merciless from the first meter. Between the houses you crawl up. It is a treacherous climb, because along the way it gets steeper and steeper. After about 800 meters you think: it's not funny anymore, it shouldn't get any crazier.

And then there is the forest. The road flattens out here, but it doesn't make you happy. The view is gruesome. In front of you looms a wall that scares you. The last shred of good morale is completely broken. The road curves sharply to the left and it is impossible to see the end. Crazy. Up to 17% it is here and there seems to be no end. When you see an electricity box on your right you know the end is near, but it's always disappointing.

Once at the top the steepest part is over, but the purists turn left, because you can still climb for over a kilometer. The road surface is not the best, an event should not go over here. But for solo riders it is doable. Some steep parts make it a little tricky, but overall it is doable. The Thier de Coo is one of the top climbs in the Ardennes. 


More info on Climbfinder.

List of Walloon Monsters:

26. Côte de Beffe

25. Côte de Wanneranval

24. Thier de Nonceveux

23. Chambralles

22. Côte d'Amermont

21. Côte de la Redoute

20. Rue Saint-Roch

19. Voie des Chars

18. Côte de Drolenval

17. Mur de Huy

16. La Gayolle

15. Roche-a-Frene

14. Rue sur Steppes

13. La Haute Folie

12. Rue Tesny

11. Route de Saint-Vith

10. Côte de Roche-aux-Faucons

09. Thier de Huy

08. Le Hézalles

07. Mur de Maboge

06. Thier de Coo

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Photos: CycloWorld (Roche aux Faucons), Climbfinder (Thier de Huy, Les Hézalles, Thier de Coo), Google Maps (Mur de Maboge)

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