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UPDATE: La Marmotte 2021 moved to September

Earlier we announced that the continuation of the Marmotte Granfondo Alpes was extremely uncertain. The event was scheduled for June 27, but given the COVID situation, four different scenarios were examined. The decision has now been made: the event will be moved to 4-9-2021.

Photo: L. Salino

The organizers examined the following scenarios: 

1. It becomes a pilot event, allowing it to be held on the originally scheduled date to conduct a scientific experiment.

2. The government allows the organization with a reduced number of participants. 

3. The Marmotte is shifted to a later date in 2021. A scenario being studied but complex given the tight schedule of the second part of 2021. 

4. The Marmotte is postponed to 2022.

So option 3 has now been chosen. If nothing strange happens you can be at the start on September 4. Very likely with the normal number of participants. Please note 4 September is Saturday. The last few years La Marmotte was ridden on a Sunday. 

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