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Monsters of Wallonia - the routes part 1

Over the past few weeks we presented the Monsters of Wallonia in a series of 5 articles plus 1 extra. "Will there be routes too?", was the question we received immediately. It turned out the be a challenge since we wanted to keep the distances under 200 kilometers. Besides, not all the hills are close to each other. We created a total of four routes with distances between 180 and 190 kilometers. All in all, great challenges and great prospects for the upcoming cycling season. Each route is marked with the starting point, but of course you can get in anywhere. In this article the first 2 from Pepinster and Houffalize.

You need a Komoot account to download the routes. Creating an account is free, and enables you to unlock 1 region for free. That means you can download one of these routes for free. For 30 euro's (one off, not annually!) you can unlock the entire world. A no brainer.

Monsters of Wallonia - Pepinster

The slopes:

  • Côte de Drolenval (Monsters of Wallonia #18)
  • Rue sur Steppes (Monsters of Wallonia #14)
  • Rue Bay Bonnet (extra slope, nice gradual climb)
  • Rue Tesny (Monsters of Wallonia #12)
  • Rue Joseph Leclerc (Monsters of Wallonia extra)
  • Haie des Loups (Monsters of Wallonia extra)
  • La Haute Folie (Monsters of Wallonia #13)
  • Voie des Chars (Monsters of Wallonia #19)
  • Côte de Roche aux Faucons (Monsters of Wallonia #10)
  • La Heid de Maël (Monsters of Wallonia extra)
  • Côte de la Reine (Monsters of Wallonia extra)
  • Thier Riga (Monsters of Wallonia extra)
  • Thier de Nonceveux (Monsters of Wallonia #24)

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All monsters of Wallonia

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Monsters of Wallonia - Houffalize

The slopes:

  • Rue Saint-Roch (Monsters of Wallonia #20)
  • Mur de Maboge (Monsters of Wallonia #7)
  • Col d'Haussire (Monsters of Wallonia #5)
  • Côte de Beffe (Monsters of Wallonia #26)
  • Col de Rideux (Monsters of Wallonia extra)
  • Roche-a-Frene (Monsters of Wallonia #15)
  • Ancienne Barrière (extra, very long gradual climb)
  • Les Hézalles (Monsters of Wallonia #8)
  • Côte de Wanne (Monsters of Wallonia extra)

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