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Monsters of Wallonia - the routes part 2

You've asked for it. The two final routes of the Wallonia Monsters. Brutal slopes, big names and lots of extra surprises. Are you up to it?

The first route starts from Malmedy and features almost all the big names of the Ardennes. A magical but hard experience to ride all of them in  one day. Besides a large number of monsters we added some of the most beautiful hills in the Ardennes. With the Redoute, Stockeu and the Ferme Libert, for example, it is a great ride. A must do for the enthusiast.

The second route starts in Huy. This ride, through a slightly lesser known side of the Ardennes, has no less than three climbs from the top 10. Plus lots of other killers. In Namur you're climbing up the iconic citadel that was the finish of a Tour stage in 2006. The highlight is the finish on the Wall of Huy.

You need a Komoot account to download the routes. Creating an account is free, and enables you to unlock 1 region for free. That means you can download one of these routes for free. For 30 euro's (one off, not annually!) you can unlock the entire world. A no brainer.

Monsters of Wallonia - Malmedy

The slopes:

  • Route de Saint-Vith (Monsters of Wallonia #11)
  • Stockeu (Monsters of Wallonia #3)
  • Côte de Wanneranval (Monsters of Wallonia #25)
  • Thier de Coo (Monsters of Wallonia #6)
  • Col de Rosier (extra, beautiful slope made famous by LBL)
  • Les Forges Chevron (Monsters of Wallonia extra)
  • La Vecquee (extra, one the most stunning climbs the Ardennes)
  • Côte de la Redoute (Monsters of Wallonia #21)
  • Chambralles (Monsters of Wallonia #23)
  • Côte de Fraiture (extra, lovely slope)
  • Malchamps (extra, one of the longest climbs in the Ardennes)
  • Côte de la Ferme Libert (Monsters of Wallonia #1)

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All Wallonia Monsters

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Monsters of Wallonia - Huy

The slopes:

  • Thier de Huy (Monsters of Wallonia #9)
  • Côte d'Anton (extra, tough climb)
  • Côte de Maizeret (extra, nice small forest road with some switchbacks
  • Route Marveilleuse (extra, awesome cobblestone climb to the Citadel of Namen)
  • Les Deux Tiennes (extra, surprisingly tough slope)
  • Triple Mur de Monty (Monsters of Wallonia #2)
  • Mur de Sept Meuses (Monsters of Wallonia extra)
  • La Gayolle (Monsters of Wallonia #16)
  • Montagne de la Croix (Monsters of Wallonia #4)
  • Côte de Septon (extra, lovely and tough climb with a nice view over Durbuy)
  • Mur de Huy (Monsters of Wallonia #17)

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