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07-02-2024 | CycloWorld

Mouflon Tracks: three days of epic mountain biking

Mouflon Tracks is a multi-day MTB marathon in Poland, organized by the same team behind the renowned Strefa MTB Trophy and Sudety MTB Challenge races. Expect a different location, a shorter format, but the same high-quality experience.

Mouflon Tracks Scenic View


Mouflon Tracks introduces you to the Sudetenland, nestled in the heart of the Snieznik mountains and its massif, including the Black and Golden Mountains. This top destination for MTB enthusiasts is historically significant and renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, ideal for riders with a passion for singletracks. Participants can expect a 5-star experience, with well-stocked supply stations along the route, ensuring a flawless and perfect race.

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Mouflon Tracks Route

Two routes, one starting point

The two distinct courses cater to different preferences and skill levels. The Classic features 40-50 km per day, while the Adventure is about 25-35 km daily. The event's simple setup, with just one start village, eliminates logistical challenges.

Whether tackling challenging terrain or enjoying scenic beauty, Mouflon Tracks offers an exciting adventure for riders of all levels.

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