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18-03-2021 | Frank Jansen

Short news: GF Espace, GF Garda Bottecchia and more

CycloWorld regularly publishes short news about gran fondos and sportives. Stay informed!

Photo: GF Garda Bottechia

  • Not all is bad. Gran fondos are actually occuring as usual, like the GF Garda Bottechia. There was quite a bit of wind at the start, but the event took off. The weather cleared and there were eventually 380 finishers. More photos can be found on their Facebook page
  • And another big name gone. Espace Cycles, one of Belgium's two GF's, has been cancelled.
  • La ronde Tahitienne (by Cycling Classics France) will not be organized.
  • The Ride Around Graz (intended date April 23-25) has been cancelled and will be a do-it-yourself event. 
  • The GF Vosges will decide on 24-3 whether the event will go ahead. It doesn't look good, but we are holding out hope.
  • There are not just cancellations. There are also events coming up. For example, the GFNY Sante Fé returns after a year of absence. The date: 19-9.

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