15-10-2021 | Frank Jansen

Short news: registration Marmotte, Maratona and l'Etape du Tour

This week's edition of short news includes updates from the world of sportives, gran fondos, stage races and so on. Stay tuned and read on!

  • Registration for La Marmotte 2022 (on July 3) is open. The number of starting spots is limited to 7500. The last few years the event wasn't sold out, but whether this will also be the case in 2022 is unsure. So waiting means taking a risk. As CycloWorld already predicted, in 2022 the ultra fondo (226 km / 6300m+) will stay.
  • The registration for the draw of the Maratona dles Dolomites opened this week. Registration is possible until November 3. By the way, the Maratona will also take place on July 3, 2022.
  • Yesterday, the route of the Tour de France were unveiled, and traditionally that means the same for l'Etape du Tour. The date: July 10, 2022. The route: Briançon - Galibier - Croix de Fer - Alpe d'Huez. Total good for 170 km and 4700m+. The route looks like a kind of reverse Marmotte. Registration starts on 18-10-2021 at 16:00. If you want to participate you will have to be quick, this event is usually sold out within an hour.
  • The attentive visitor may already have noticed that CycloWorld has added the beach bike as a bicycle type. And of course we immediately added the necessary beach races and tours to our database. All beach rides can be found here.
  • The registration for all Haute Route events has opened this week. 

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