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Sportives and granfondos in Europa: the current situation

What about sportives and granfondos in Europe? Earlier we predicted that early spring could be crossed out. Will the second half of the year also be affected? Or is it not so bad? CycloWorld took a tour through the most popular cycling counties.


The country has been in a strict lockdown for months now, and little seems to be changing for now. Events have been banned for almost a year and it is not likely that this will change before July 1. The government did set up several 'field labs', experiments in which people with a negative test or a vaccination certificate can participate. Among others, soccer matches, business events, festivals and pop concerts have been organized so far. Curiously, however, no cyclo or touring events. 


The situation in Belgium is similar to the Netherlands. Events are out of the question. Unlike in the Netherlands, however, many organizers opt for a do-it-yourself variant. You buy a goodie bag and receive the GPX route, which you have to ride yourself.


May is starting to run out in France. Among others, the Mercan'Tour is cancelled. Another big name, Les 3 Cols, has been moved. In France, the organizations seem to be waiting and wanting to decide as late as possible. The in the Benelux popular GF Vosges has requested a postponement, without a concrete date.


All of Italy is on code red, which means that even Italians are not allowed to travel between regions. Still, things are going on sparingly. A lot of organizations are waiting and do not give a new date (yet).

United Kingdom

As of April, quite a few events seem to be occur. Some have been cancelled for this year or rescheduled for the fall.


Most events have been cancelled, though there are some that offer an alternative GPX variant. Much information on websites is not up to date. For example, Circuit Cycling Nürburgring is still happening for now. Germany has strict rules for entering the country, so even if something were to go ahead, the question is how to get there.

Spain and Portugal

In the months of April, May, June, many events have been canceled or postponed to August and September, but also some that seem to be going on. In Portugal, moreover, relaxations of corona measures were announced today.


The forecast is quite mixed. Some organizations, for example the Amadé Radmarathon, Kaunertaler Gletscherkaiser and Glocknerkönig, have thrown in the towel and have been canceled. Other organizations are still extremely positive and are sticking to the original date. They say they have taken the utmost measures to make the event happen. For example, the Tour de Kärnten, SuperGiroDolomiti, ARBÖ Radmarathon and the Dreiländergiro.

Our partner Imster Radmarathon is still scheduled for May 16, but a reserve date has now been set: September 26.


In Switzerland, most organizers are sticking to the original date. Our partners Säntis Classic and Alps Challenge are still very positive and assume that their event will go ahead. The events of Haute Route and Chasing Cancellara are also still going ahead as planned.

United States

However much goes on, under strict rules. Probably because many events are small scale.

Australia and New Zealand

In Australia it differs per region, New Zealand just about everything goes on freely. But winter is starting there, so the offerings are minimal.

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