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The road to TOUR Transalp: introducing Team CycloWorld

CycloWorld did not only gave away tickets for the TOUR Transalp, we will of course be there ourselves. Our very own writer Peter Koens will be making his appearance. In a series of blogs, he will keep you informed of his preparations. And, of course, he will also be covering the event live. Today: the prologue of this series.

GF Schleck moved

2021 is another strange year. For me, the GF Schleck was scheduled to be ridden in May. A nice gran fondo, and moreover a wonderful opportunity to qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo Worldchampionships. My training plan was centered around this gran fodo from January 1. But like many others, th event was postponed, in this case to the end of September 2021. Cycling buddy Andries, with whom I was going to ride the GF Schleck, suggested that we needed an 'intermediate goal', because September is still very far away. So that intermediate goal became TOUR Transalp, start 20 June 2021. Together we will form Team CycloWorld.

The new plan

The TOUR Transalp is not just any goal. It's not 'just another gran fondo'. It's a multi-day stage race and it's a big one! Seven tough stages through the Alps, about 800 kilometers and 18000 meters of climbing, for me personally the toughest I've ever ridden. It is also a very professionally organized event. Every day the start is from a different place.

It goes without saying that this adventure must be thoroughly prepared. It will a battle for the gear, body and mind. As a faithful reader of and writer for this website I will cover this adventure and the road towards it.

Team CycloWorld

We will ride as a team, which means it's all about the team time of the stages. The team time is the time of the slowest rider. As a team we will start in the Grand Masters category, this is the category where the sum of the age of the team members is above 100.


In the preparation of the next few weeks I will live like a monk, train, eat, sleep, no alcohol, no cookies, no sweets, no evenings hanging out in front of the TV, early to bed and early to rise. Oh yes and also work in between. Fortunately, in addition to my office job, I also work as a bicycle courier for GreenSpeed bicycle couriers so I spend part of my working life on the bike. Now let's hope TOUR Transalp will happen and corona doesn't throw a spanner in the works.

If you want to know more about TOUR Transalp click here or here.

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