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© Turismo Asturias

"During our visit to Asturias, we were surprised by the endless cycling opportunities for road bike, mtb and gravel bike. And the perfect combination of beach and mountains."

Visit Asturias

CycloWorld is proud to be a Turismo Asturias partner.

© Turismo Asturias


Come home to paradise

The steep Cantabrian Mountains with their rolling green valleys which meet the coastline which falls off into the deep blue Sea, captivates you before you even step foot in Asturias. This is just the start of a unique experience. Gastronomy, stunning architecture, nature, unmatched hospitality and world-class cycling opportunities. Asturias is honest, authentic, full of life, respectful of the past and present, attentive, courageous, welcoming, modern and cosmopolitan.


From beach to beach

Their shapes and landscapes and their crystal-clear waters will surprise you, that make each visit a unique and different day. Their proximity to the mountains especially attracts attention as well as their different beauty depending on the tides. The Asturian coast, the best preserved in the country for its un built-up beaches and the control of the buildings in the coastal area, offers a unique natural surrounding with many possibilities.

© Turismo Asturias

The taste of culinary excellence

Asturian cuisine is not just any cuisine. It has many rich dishes which have made sense for years because the main labour of many Asturians was mining and steelworks. However, Asturias is also gastronomically light, its fish and seafood have hardly any calories, and Asturian chefs really have a lot to choose from.

A trip would never be complete without sitting down at a table to taste a fabada, an Asturian bean stew, a cachopo, Avilés sausage, hake skewers or stuffed onions. The region is also famous for its seafood, cheese, meat and cider.


Cycling paradise

5 reasons to travel to Asturias

  • Well-preserved trails help you explore this lively rural landscape of mountain passes and impossible gorges.
  • You find some of the most spectacular MTB routes in Europe.
  • Both enduro, downhill and road cycling and also family-friendly routes and plenty of activities for the whole family.
  • Among the best options for family cycling are the Vías Verdes, disused railway tracks that have been recovered as traffic-free routes for walkers and cyclists.
  • From the beach to the mountains in an hour.

Picos de Europa

Mix of the Pyrenees and Dolomites

Huge climbs, deep valleys, endless views Spain's Picos de Europa National Park is a feast for cyclists who enjoy a challenge. You can indulge in climbing some of the famous Vuelta famous climbs, such as the infamous Angliru and the climb to Lagos de Covadonga.

The terrain is anything but flat, so bring a light gear. The Picos de Europa are part of the Cantabrian Mountains. The landscape is reminiscent of a mix between the Pyrenees and the Dolomites.

Alto de l'Angliru

De hartest climb in professional cycling

Asturias is home to the infamous Alto de l'Angliru, the toughest climb in professional cycling. CycloWorld was our guest and conquered the beast!

Challenging Vuelta climbs

  • Collado Fancuaya: Tough climb where Jay Vine won a stage in the Vuelta of 2022.
  • Les Praeres de Nava. Unhealthily steep: 3.9 kilometres at 12.9% average and the first half rises as much as 16%. Louis Meintjes won here in 2022.
  • Lagos de Covadonga: perhaps Spain's most beautiful climb. Very tough, although not as extreme as the Angliru.
  • Cuitu Negru: Gruellingly hard climb, was in the 2012 Vuelta.

    Many more awesome climbs

    In Asturias you will find a huge amount of climbs. You'll be short of time anyway.

    • Climbfinder has a nice map available, with which you can easily choose your challenge.
    • Via Climb by Bike you'll find an extended overview.

    Cycling routes

    You just don't know where to begin

    The number of routes in Asturias and the Picos de Europa is huge. We've collected the best ones on Komoot.


    Vuelta a España


    CycloWorld was a guest from the follow car for two days in 2022. Read back our report.


    A paradise for mountain biking

    Surrounded by peaks up to 2500m, Asturias is one the best places in Europe for mountain biking. The climate is incredibly friendly as it is located close to the atlantic shore. You find the most challenging and spectacular MTB routes. Asturias is blessed with one of the most wild landscapes in the world. The possibilities for mountain bikers are virtually endless. Make sure to bring a light gear, as there will be hardly any flat riding.

    © Turismo Asturias
    © Desafío Lagos de Covadonga

    Cycling events



    Things to do in Asturias


            • nature reserves
            • hiking
            • beaches
            • wildlife


            • fishing villages
            • surfing
            • boat trips
            • water sports


            • Avilés
            • Gijon
            • Oviedo


            • motor cycling
            • climbing
            • horseback riding
            • wintersports

            Discover more!


            Oviedo is the second largest city in Asturias after Gijon. According to many the also the most beautiful! The historic centre is beautiful (and spotless). You will find cosy streets, perfect restaurants and several museums. Highly recommended for a day trip.


            Off the beaten track

            But still close to home

            Centrally located in Europe yet relatively unknown:  that's Asturias.

            If you are looking for a holiday destination off the beaten track then you have come to the right place. Lovely cities, great food, pristine nature and perfect opportunities for an active vacation: everything is there. Whether you come alone, with your partner or your family, you won't be dissapointed.

            © Turismo Asturias
            © Turismo Asturias

            Hiking in Asturias

            Walk among nature

            Asturias offers a vast network of long-distance, short-distance and local trails; a dense network of hiking trails that will enable you to blend in with our enviable nature. From flat routes through Asturias' beautiful cities to challenging mountain hikes or routes alongside the coast: there's something for everyone. At any level! 


            Getting there

            Getting there is easy by car, plane, bus, boat or train.

            With Asturias Airport, the region even has it's own airfield. Another option is to fly to Bilbao or Santander. With a rental car, you drive to Asturias in 2-3 hours.

            © Turismo Asturias



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