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Visit the Czech Republic

CycloWorld is proud to be a CzechTourism partner.

© Petr Slavík

Cycling destination Czech Republic

Top location for a cycling trip and family holiday

The Czech Republic is a fantastic destination for a cycling vacation. It has mountains, rolling hills with picturesque villages, meandering rivers and castles everywhere you look. Moreover, the Czech Republic is not as far away as most people think. Only 900 kilometers away. They love to ride in the Czech Republic and this is reflected in beautiful cycling routes that are perfectly signposted.


Southern Moravia; the wine district

Moravia is the eastern region of the Czech Republic and in the south lies a beautiful region of vineyards and UNESCO monuments. Southern Moravia is one of the best areas for cycling in the Czech Republic. There are more than 1,200 kilometers of cycling routes, including the Moravian Wine Routes and also the Iron Curtain cycling route passes through this gastronomic region.

© David Marvan
© Jaroslav Horak

Cycling hotspot

Rivers, rocks and the Giant Mountains

A relaxing trip along the river, a route along beautiful natural phenomena where you keep stopping to take pictures or would you rather make altitude gains? In the north of the Czech Republic you will find the Giant Mountains, the rocks of Adršpach, the Bohemian Paradise nature reserve and also the Elbe River meandering through the green landscape. Get on your bike here and be surprised by the diverse landscape of the Czech Republic.



The Czech Republic is anything but flat, so if you look carefully, you will find plenty of interesting climbs. There are of course short climbs, but also longer climbs up to 20 km with more than 900 meters of climbing.

© Petr Slavik
© Jaroslav Horak


Which one will you chose?

Discover the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic from your saddle while following the yellow signs with numbers and using the bicycle-friendly services along the way. Most trails run on quiet car roads, but there are also beautiful bike paths built such as along the Elbe and Morava rivers. In the Czech Republic there are several Greenways and Eurovelos, such as the Prague-Vienna Greenway or how about Eurovelo 13 Iron Curtain Trail?

Organize your cycling trip

Europe Bike Tours is a professional organization based in Prague that specializes in cycling vacations in the Czech Republic and surrounding areas. They organize individual cycling vacations with luggage rental and (if desired) guided tours.


L'Étape Czech Republic

In 2021, the Czech Republic hosted the first cycling race of the well-known organizer l'Étape Tour de France: L'Étape Czech Republic. The race is also planned for 2023 and 2024 and offers cyclists the opportunity to discover Prague and the Central Bohemia region by bike. There are two courses. One of 91 km and the other is 136 km. The challenging tour with more than 1,000 meters of climbing goes through the protected nature reserve Kivoklát, the Beroun region and along the Bohemian Karst.


L'Étape Czech Republic

15 Jun 2024

Distances: 142km/1900m, 103km/1200m, 65km/600m.
Distance still unknown
City: Praag (Czech Republic)
Bike type and category: Road bike / Gran fondo

© Petr Slavik

Mountain biking on the Ore Mountains

Over 150 kilometers, the Ore Mountains form the border with Germany. The mountains used to be an important mining area and recently some mining towns have become world heritage sites. In the mountains there are several bicycle paths and especially with the mountain bike you can enjoy plenty. In Klíny and Klínovec there are trail parks with various descents for beginners and advanced riders.




Some places are best discovered on foot, because it is simply not possible by bike. This applies to the Czech Republic's nature reserves with their meters-high rock formations. Through this labyrinth of sandstone rocks paths lead along, over and sometimes through the rocks. You'll get to great viewpoints and every bend offers a new discovery.

© Vaclav Sojka


There is no shortage of castles, fortresses and chateaus in the Czech Republic. There are more than two thousand of them! Wherever you are a castle is always nearby. In the summer all castles open their doors and you can take guided tours through the richly decorated rooms and admire the castle garden. One castle that is open all year round is chateau Sychrov north of Prague. Karlstejn Castle is the most visited, but perhaps the most beautiful castle in the Czech Republic is Lednice in southern Moravia which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.



Like the landscape, you'll also find a variety of UNESCO monuments in the Czech Republic. From castles and historical centers to a modern villa and a horse stud farm. The historic center of Prague is the most famous, but also the cities Kutná Hora, Cesky Krumlov, Trebíc and Telc a picturesque center with photogenic buildings. The chateaus Lednice and Valtice and Litomyšl are also worth a visit. And do you like modern architecture? Then a visit to Villa Tugendhat in Brno should not be missed.


Things to do in Czech Republic

There is more than enough to do besides cycling. The Czech Republic is the perfect base for a wide range of activities. Some examples:

  • Fantastic cities, including of course the world famous Prague
  • Czech Republic has a rich beer history, so there are numerous breweries where you can have a tasting and a tour
  • Many restaurants and culinary excursions
  • Tons of historical monuments and museums
  • Relax in a wellness / spa
  • Numerous campsites
  • A large array of sporting activities besides cycling, such as canoeing, quad biking, skydiving, rock climbing, golf and much more!

And much more. Visit the website or check out TripAdvisor for more tips!

How to get there

By car, plane or train

Czech Republic is extremely accessible. It can be reached within a day of driving from most European cities.

Do you prefer to fly? All the major airports offer direct flights to Prague. The train is also a good option. There's even a night train available.

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