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NordCup Radmarathon









May 2023

07 May 2023

206km/1600m, 141km/800m, 110km/745m, 77km/470m, 47km/330m.

Husum, Germany

Road bike | Sportive

June 2023

04 Jun 2023

Bike Challenge Mittelholstein
201km, 150km, 110km, 70km, 40km.

Nortorf, Germany

Road bike | Sportive

11 Jun 2023

Giro Stormarn
215km/960m, 163km/760m, 124km/620m, 92km/470m, 49km/230m.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany

Road bike | Sportive

18 Jun 2023

RG Hamburg Radmarathon
220km/1300m, 150km/900m, 115km/650m, 75km/400m, 45km/200m.

Hamburg, Germany

Road bike | Sportive

Route / departure place not yet confirmed

25 Jun 2023

Rund um die Schlei
208km/1400m, 150km, 110km, 77km, 46km.

Schleswig, Germany

Road bike | Sportive

Route / departure place not yet confirmed

July 2023

16 Jul 2023

210km/1200m, 157km/810m, 115km/550m, 91km/470m, 66km/350m, 49km.

Rendsburg, Germany

Road bike | Sportive

30 Jul 2023

Holsteiner Wellenritt
214km/1340m, 163km/980m, 122km/710m, 84km/430m, 48km/215m.

Kaltenkirchen, Germany

Road bike | Sportive

September 2023

03 Sep 2023

Marathon to Hell
219km/1300m, 169km, 131km, 82km, 56km.

Barsbüttel, Germany

Road bike | Sportive

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