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CycloWorld partners up with Austrian top trainer Stefan Kirchmair

Stefan Kirchmair may not be a name that rings a bell with many cyclists in the Benelux. That's quite different in the German and Austrian gran fondo world. The Austrian has a palmares that many would envy. The prestigious Ötztaler Radmarathon (2x), the Haute Route Dolomites and Pyrenees, the Dreiländergiro and the Highlander Radmarathon are just a few gran fondos where the Austrian emerged as the winner.

Beside gran fondos and e-racing on Zwift (where he's a top rider) he is a cycling trainer. With the Kirchmair Cycling project he guides fanatical cyclists on their way to their goal. The Kirchmair Cycling Team is a strong community that meets up all year round at training camps, at Zwift, during tours and races. Improving cycling performance is paramount. And you can sign up too.

Kirchmair Cycling and CycloWorld partner up

Stefan is a top notch trainer in the GF world and will help you with all your training questions. Two announcements:

  • We have set up a Zwift team and want to ride together with Kirchmair Cycling. Zwift is very popular and we expect this to increase with corona and the approaching winter.
  • We are going to organise a free webinar on 'How to get you over the winter in best shape possible'.

What else? We will keep that a secret for a while. But it certainly doesn't stop there. We will inform you about this in the near future.

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Only for the best gran fondo riders?

No! Everyone is welcome. If you want to improve your cycling performance or if you want to train seriously towards a goal, you can register with Kirchmair Cycling. Fun and performance improvement is paramount, regardless of your level.

Zwift team

Some weeks ago we launched our CycloWorld Zwift team. The online cycling platform that is becoming more and more popular. Feel like joining in? Read here how to sign up. Visit the team page at Facebook. Again: the level doesn't matter, everyone is welcome!


Soon we will organise an English spoken webinar in which you can ask all your training questions to Stefan. A perfect start towards your goals in 2021. 

Poll: Do you like to get a webinar with training advice from Stefan Kirchmair?

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