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CycloWorld starts Zwift team

Very soon we say goodbye to CycloWorld and continue as CycloWorld. This not only means a new name, but also a state-of-the-art website and a lot of cool new features. We are also launching new activities. One of these is our own Zwift team. We are therefore proud to announce Team CycloWorld.

Team CycloWorld

What is Zwift?

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Zwift is a very popular indoor cycling app. Want to know more? Read our article. For those who are already zwifting and want te become member of Team CycloWorld it is necessary that you create an account on You then link this account to your own Zwift account. Find a how-to here. If you are a Zwifter and you have an account on Zwiftpower you can easily become a member of our team. Together with other members of Team CycloWorld we can do group rides, meetups, training sessions, etc. and fondo riding. Each on his or her own level.

But we want to start quickly and easily with a Zwift meetup. If you want to join us look for Zwift member Peter Koens[CycloWorld] in your Zwift companion app on your phone and click on the plus sign. behind Peter's name. You will then be invited as soon as possible to the First official CycloWorld Zwift meetup.

Visit our Facebook page for more information about the Team CycloWorld.

Why to join Team CycloWorld?

Winter season has started again and it is not unthinkable that we will have to deal with another lockdown. Cycling outside is not going to get any easier. Moreover, it's just very cool to ride with fanatical fellow cyclists and exchange experiences. So don't hesitate and sign up.

Questions? Send an email to

Fan van CycloWorld!

Word onze Ambassadeur

Kom je hier graag, en denk je een leuke bijdrage te kunnen leveren aan CycloWorld? Wij zijn altijd op zoek naar ambassadeurs die ons willen helpen met aanleveren van content.

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