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Short news: Alpenbrevet, Sportful Dolomiti Race and more

CycloWorld regularly publishes short news about gran fondos and sportives. Stay informed!

Picture: Sportful Dolomiti Race

  • CycloWorld reaches the limit of 2500 events. A milestone that should not pass unnoticed. As you know, we offer the largest calendar of international gran fondos and sportives. But did you also know that there are almost 500 gravel events in our calendar?
  • La Campilaro, a multi-day tour through the Pyrenees, is full. If you still want to ride an event of this organizer, this year there will be a new event organized in the Cévennes.
  • The dates of the Trophée Passion 2021 are published. Obviously you can find them in our calendar or on their website.
  • The registration of the Sportful Dolomiti Race is open. Date: 20 June 2021. Those who registered for the ill-fated 2020 edition have received specific communication in december asking them to confirm their participation in the June event by the end of March. The organization made two publications:

            Registration opens January 1

            400 already ready to ride the Sportful Dolomiti Race 2021

  • will organize a ride around the World Championship in Belgium. Of course inspired by the course where the pros will ride their road and time trial. They call it a cyclo, as Flemish organizers often do. However, according to the accompanying text it is a sportive. Date: somewhere between 18 and 26 September.
  • If you want to ride the very tough Platinum Tour of the Alpenbrevet, you'd better hurry up. The organization reports that the starting places are almost sold out. Please note, it is not possible to choose between gold and platinum on the day. Silver and gold start with the Furkapas, while Platin starts with Susten as the only distance.

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