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22-09-2022 | Frank Jansen

10 commandments of a cycling trip with friends

Our last podcast is about a cycling trip with friends. Because it's in Dutch, we've summarized most of it in this article for you. If you're Dutch is a bit rusty and you want to practice, here's a link to the podcast.

1. Out together, home together

Nothing like people who arrive later or (even worse) have to leave earlier because they still want to put the kids to bed. Out together, home together. This also applies on the mountain, by the way!

2. Never create routes with too much booze on

This only leads to impossible plans that turn out to be hugely disappointing the next day. Always discuss routes in advance. Preferably before the drinks start.

3. A cycling vacation with friends is not a training camp

"I'm not going up the Stelvio with you today, because my trainer says I have to do recovery training." No! There is no training on vacation. No Z3 and Z4 blocks. Dropping each other is allowed, of course.

4. Discuss expectations in advance

From start time to routes to accommodation to what to do besides cycling: discuss it in advance when you are still in your home country. That way you avoid misunderstandings and everyone has an enjoyable trip.

5. Book the location as late as possible

The greatest chance of good weather is if you fix the date and not the location. A place to stay is always easy to find!

6. Provide a shorter route if there is a large level difference

No problem if there are level differences in the group. But then split up and provide a shorter route.

7. Agree on who brings what

10 high-pressure pumps, 25 CO2 cartridges, 7 wheel sets, 4x Settlers of Catan, 4 assembly stands and 12 cans of lubricating oil. Simply not unnecessary! Clearly agree on who is taking (and not taking!) what.

8. Make sure everyone has a task

Steve arranges the apartment, Sara makes the after video, Pete arranges the routes, John the transportation, Kathy the finances and Simon the tools. That way, the trip belongs to everyone and it adds to the atmosphere.

9. Take finances seriously

Fussing about money is extremely unnecessary. Use an app like Splitter or have one person pay for everything and bill afterwards. Dutch bills are out of the question!

10. The bikes don't get nicked

And you take care of that yourself. Never leave them unattended at the gas station, preferably in your room and if in a bike cellar, always use multiple locks.

More tips? Listen to our podcast about the perfect cycling trip with friends!

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