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21-02-2023 | Fiets Magazine

10 tips to get more out of Strava

A large proportion of readers use the Strava app to keep track of how much, how far and how fast cycling is done. To make Strava even better, numerous extensions have been developed. We list the ten coolest ones.


The creator of Wandrer keeps track of what percent of your city, county, country and continent you've already covered. Is anyone already at 100 percent of their country?

2. Activity Fix

Does it bother you that you have to fill in which bike you were riding? Or do you want a fixed prefix in the title of your activity? With Activity Fix you can set various rules that take a lot of work off your hands. For example, when I do an indoor ride, I have it automatically set up that I rode it on my time trial bike, since it's on the smart trainer in the winter.

3. ProBikeGarage

Looking for an easy way to keep track of how many miles you've ridden a cassette? Get a signal to check the front fork of your MTB after 125 riding hours? You can do that by linking the ProBikeGarage app to your Strava account. See all your bikes in one overview. Just link the components to it once and the paid app does the rest.


Data freak? Then pair Strava with and you'll spend an entire evening interpreting more data than you knew Strava was keeping. For example, you can get a lot of information from the fatigue graph created from your activities.

5. Bandók

After a bike ride, do you often find yourself doubting what title to give your activity and find "Morning Ride" too boring? Then let Bandók make up a title for you. By leaving the title blank, you signal Bandók to come up with something fun. Don't like it? Then just change the title back to something you do like.

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6. Sauce

This is a very handy browser extension that not only conjures up more data, calculates how many pizzas or beer you've burned, but also has a nice Performance Predictor on board. With it, you can see in a segment whether you would catch the KOM if you were 2 pounds lighter, or pedaled 10 watts more.

7. Elevate

This browser extension for Strava is a lot like Sauce. Again, many informative graphs are created with all the data collected from your activities. Stress scores, progression, fitness trends; it's all there.

8. Veloviewer

Only for the beautiful graphical annual overview you can create with it, this extension is worthwhile. But you can do more with Veloviewer, such as viewing fun leaderboards. See at a glance which KOMs are yours, how your Eddington number is doing, and much more.

9. Squadrats

Tile hunting was very popular and may still be. Exploring more and more area is the challenge. The map is divided into squares - squadrats - and your job is to traverse as many of those squares as possible on your bike. Finding routes to check off those last missing squares is especially addictive.

10. Zwiftmap

Strava uses Google's maps to show your activities. With Zwift, because of the virtual worlds, this looks a bit strange and boring. If you use the Zwiftmap extension for your browser, you'll see the original Zwift maps, a lot more colorful and fitting for Zwift.

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