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29-09-2023 | Frank Jansen

3RIDES launches UCI GF and new course UCI Gravel Race

In its debut season, the German event 3RIDES featured a UCI Gravel Race, a gravel tour, and a road bike sportive. Now, for 2024, 3RIDES is expanding its offerings with the introduction of a UCI Gran Fondo for road bikes, coinciding with a significantly extended gravel course.

UCI Gran Fondo

In 2024, alongside the UCI Gravel Race, 3RIDES will introduce a UCI Gran Fondo with two routes, 140 km and 110 km respectively. Date: May 12 (same day as the UCI Gravel Race). These routes will traverse Aachen, Monschau, and the west side of the Rursee. While specific elevation details are pending, estimates suggest 2500m+ and 2000m+ for the two routes. Compliance with German law for a car-free course is expected but yet to be confirmed.

Registration begins on October 1, with the first 100 registrants receiving a 10 euro discount.

New gravel course

Changes are not limited to the road events. The UCI Gravel Race course will shift from short, localized laps to a single lap of up to 60 kilometers, located to the west and north of Aachen. This adjustment responds to past criticism regarding the course's resemblance to cyclocross.


The fate of the gravel sportive and the road bike sportive remains uncertain. To be continued, undoubtedly.

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