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31-10-2022 | Frank Jansen

Five ways to stay motivated

How do you get motivated through the winter? How do you stay motivated in the fall? Our Top 5 tips.

1. A rest period without the bike

Because it's not only good to lose your fatigue, it also provides renewed motivation to get going again. Pro tip: don't open Strava during this period!

2. Create your program for next season

Nothing works more inspiring than looking for great cyclo's and putting together your program.

3. Choose some other goals

For example, ride a round of the IJsselmeer. Or ride a certain number of kilometers in January.

4. Do other sports

Running, skating, hiking. Whatever it is: a change of diet makes you want to eat.

5. Change bikes

For example, the MTB or the gravel bike. Or go for a ride at the track.

In our last podcast (in Dutch) we give many more tips. 

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