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17-06-2024 | CycloWorld

5 reasons to join GFNY Uppsala

GFNY Uppsala on Aug. 24 is one of the lesser-known events in the GFNY Series. That's not justified, because the event has a lot to offer. Here are five reasons why you don't want to miss it.

GFNY Uppsala

1. GFNY Uppsala is the European Championship of the GFNY series

This is not just any race; it is the European Championship of the GFNY series. This makes the event extra special and competitive.

2. Beautiful and challenging route

The long route of 133 km (approx. 500 m+) takes you through the stunning landscapes of Uppsala. With six gravel sections (38 km in total), the race offers a mix of challenging terrain. You don't need a gravel bike; a road bike with 28 mm tires will do just fine. Four fully equipped supply stations ensure that you will be excellently looked after along the way. As always at GFNY, there's a non-competitive medio fondo as well.

3. Excellent organization and safety

At GFNY Uppsala, your safety and comfort are paramount. The route is clearly marked and several support vehicles are present, including a lead car, more than 20 motorcycles, a broom wagon, and a fin de course car. Emergency medical services are on standby and there are first aid kits at each supply station.

4. Awesome finish with lots of festivities

After the race, you'll finish at Ulva Kvarn, where you'll receive your finisher's medal and enjoy the post-race festivities. There will be a BBQ, music, and an awards ceremony, making for a festive end to an intense day.

5. Perfect for a weekend getaway

GFNY Uppsala offers the perfect opportunity to make a long weekend of it. Explore the city with its rich history and cultural highlights. Take advantage of special hotel deals and add some extra days for sightseeing, shopping, and fine dining in the various restaurants Uppsala has to offer. Uppsala also offers much for non-cycling partners, with excellent shopping and dining options. The quality of products in Uppsala's stores and malls is very high and prices are low compared to other countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands.


GFNY Uppsala is not only a challenging race through the beautiful landscapes of Sweden, but also offers a great experience for both participants and their partners. This is an event you don't want to miss. Find more info on the official website. Buy a ticket with 50% off in our webshop.

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