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08-02-2023 | Frank Jansen

5 tips for the time-crunched cyclist

Cycling journalist Thijs Zonneveld was a guest on our podcast (in Dutch). He recently announced his return to racing with BEAT Cycling. He also has a busy job as well as a family with three children. What are his best tips for training as efficiently as possible when you are short on time?

1. Make the most of every moment

Even before half an hour, Thijs puts on his cycling clothes. You can complete an efficient workout even in such a short period of time.

2. Take the bike instead of the car

Bike to a business appointment, or to visit family. Happy days!

3. Indoor cycling

Very effective and also useful when small children are asleep, with the baby monitor within reach.

4. Invest in good clothing

With today's clothing, you can ride outdoors up to 360 days a year. Obviously depending on where you live ;)

5. Find peers and motivate each other

This will help you get outside on that dark winter day anyway.

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