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29-09-2021 | Frank Jansen

5 events you can ride next weekend

The weather forecast for this weekend is still a bit not quite clear. What is certain is that there are plenty of cool events being organized. We collected again 5 that you can ride this weekend.

Paris Roubaix Challenge 2-10

The sportive that's ridden the day before the pro race. Contains many famous cobble stone sections, so come prepared! Longest course: 145 km. There are still tickets available, which is quite unique for this event.

Prenzlauer Hügelmarathon 2-10

It's a mystery how the organizers collected 1400m+ in 228 km, because the region of Brandenberg is quite flat. But somehow, they did. Riding a German gran fondo means a car-free course and a perfect organization. If 228 km is too much for you, there's also a medio fondo which is 162 km / 1050m+. And even shorter courses.

Mediterranean Epic Gran Fondo 3-10

Proper Spanish gran fondo on the Spanish east coast with 2 courses: 208 km/3700m+ or 112 km/1800m+. Pedro Delgado is one of the ambassadors. Great weather is almost guaranteed.

Gran Fondo San Benedetto del Tronto 3-10

Relatively small Italian gran fondo on the Italian east coast, in the beautiful region of Le Marche. The longest course has 121 km and 1756m+.

Sparkassen Münsterland Giro 3-10

Proper high-speed gran fondo across the border in Germany. A completely car-free course, signalmen, motorcycles with photographers and equipment around you. Pelotons, high speeds, head-over-heels riding. Experience the professional feeling during this spectacular event. Longest distance 135 km and 800m+.

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