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04-08-2023 | Frank Jansen

Full results UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

Today was the day: the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. In fine weather conditions in Perth, Scotland 1782 riders (m/f) took up the challenge. Who are the brand new world champions?


M19-34: Lars van Coppenolle (BE)
M35-39: Wojciech Szczepsnik (PL)
M40-44: Johnny Hoogerland (NL)
M45-49: Jone Ellingsen (NO)
M50-54: Alexander Vinokurov (KZ)
M55-59: Michael Schaefer (DE)
M60-64: Jørn Fjeldavlie (NO)
M65-69: Sylvan Adams (IL)
M70-74: Liberto Correas (FR)
M75-79: André Petipas (FR)
M80-84: James MacDonald (US)

Full results here.


F19-34: Emily Proud (UK)
F35-39: Wies de Jong (NL)
F40-44: Mary Wilkinson (UK)
F45-49: Ils van der Moeren (BE)
F50-54: Amy Phillips (US)
F55-59: Annick van Leuven (BE)
F60-64: Suzie Godart (LU)
F65-69: Linda Dewhurst (UK)
F70-74: Vanessa Cooney (US)

Full results here.

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