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23-09-2022 | Frank Jansen

Another 8 apps for the gran fondo rider

Earlier we published an article with 8 useful apps and sites for the cyclist. We received so many suggestions on this for even more useful apps that it's time for a part 2!


This Strava extension allows you to see how many new roads you ride. A nice way to discover roads you've never been to before. Wandrer has a free trial version.

2. Wahoo Fitness

If you forget your bike computer or the battery runs out, you can of course log your ride with the Strava app. But there's one drawback: you can't link a power meter to that (anymore). With the free Wahoo Fitness app, you can. Afterwards, you can easily upload your ride to numerous platforms, including Strava and Trainingpeaks. You don't necessarily need Wahoo equipment for this app, by the way! For iOS and Android. Completely free.

3. Trailforks

Find the best MTB trails, anywhere in the world. Also has a route builder. There's an app for both iOS and Android

4. Zwofactory

Create your own workout to finish indoors in ERG mode? In Zwift or another program, for example? You can do that really easily and completely for free with Zwofactory. No registration required.

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5. Veloviewer

Data freaks beware! With Veloviewer you can get much more out of your Strava data. Dashboards, charts, leaderboards, 3D graphs and much more. Knows a free variant meant to try.

6. Gravelmap

Gravelmap is a user generated map where you can see which gravel roads are all there in a particular location. You can add your own segments or make comments. The comments are useful to check if a segment is really legal or suitable. Completely free and without registration.


This site lets you analyze rides (and other activities) and your performance. It offers advanced analysis and planning in an easy-to-use web interface with support for desktops, phones and tablets. Has many features you have to pay for at Trainingpeaks. You can also use it to build indoor workouts for Zwift, for example. is free to use, but of course a donation is sympathetic.

8. Brouter

Free, non-commercial route builder based on the Open Street Map. Has many different routing options. It's even possible to use Brouter offline on Android smartphones.

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