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15-06-2023 | Editorial

Crans-Montana: riding over the roads of the pro's, at your own pace

One of the mountain stages in the Giro finished in Crans-Montana. Here at CycloWorld, we’ve known for a long time that this is one of the best hotspots in the Alps. As such, we went to see for ourselves last year and were convinced. As such, we’ve outlined some of the ten key reasons to pay Crans-Montana a visit as follows.

Crans Montana
© Photo: Patrick Güller

#1 World-class cycling events

Ever dreamed of visiting Tour des Stations, Haute Route Crans-Montana, Ride the Alps and Nova Eroica Switzerland? Ride the roads of the pros but at your own pace, following some of the best cutting-edge Swiss organizations.

There are plenty of events for amateurs in the region, if you know how to find them in Crans-Montana. The Giro, the Swiss National MTB Championship, the Tour of Switzerland, and the Mountain Bike World Cup also come by.

#2 300 days of sunshine per year

Crans-Montana has one of the finest mountain climates in Europe. With 300 days of sunshine a year, the chances of good weather are very high. This was proven again during the Giro: at the start of the race, in Italy, it was raining; however, in Crans-Montana, the sun was still shining.

In summer it can be very hot in Valais. A stay at 1500 meters is very pleasant.

© Photo: Patrick Güller

#3 Breathtaking climbs and routes

There are as many as ten routes to the village (if not more). Want an extra 300 meters of elevation? Then just ride on, because a few kilometers outside the village is the Col de Crans-Montana. In the immediate vicinity, you’ll also find all kinds of known and unknown giants; Lac de Moiry, Col du Grand Saint Bernard, Col de la Croix de Coeur, Simplonpass, and the Col du Sanetsch are among the most famous.

There are also plenty of opportunities for the slightly less trained cyclist. How about taking a reconnaissance tour around the village (20 km with only 490 meters of elevation)? Or why not give this panoramic route of 15 km and 420 meters of elevation a go?

© Photo: Patrick Güller

#4 Furnicular

Pitching up on top of a mountain isn’t always ideal. However, Crans-Montana is a great cycling location at altitude because of its funicular! From Sierre, a little train leaves every 20 minutes which heads right up to the top, and your bike can go along. The ride takes 13 minutes and covers 927 meters in total. More info can be found about the funicular here.

#5 Lots of accommodation (for all price ranges)

No matter what your budget might be, Crans-Montana is a popular ski resort in winter, meaning there’s an abundance of accommodation. Apartments, hotels ranging anywhere from 2 to 5 stars, and even camping opportunities: you’ll always find something to suit your needs.

#6 Road bike, gravel, and MTB

In addition to the countless different options that are available for road bikes, fans of unpaved roads are also amply catered for. Grab a gravel bike and explore the endless dirt roads of the Nova Eroica. Or why not grab the (e)-MTB and pace yourself over the 180 km of mapped-out enduro and cross-country routes? And, of course, Crans-Montana also has a bike park!

© Photo: François Panchard

#7 Plenty to do for the whole family

In and around Crans-Montana, no one ever has to feel bored. Besides hiking, you can undertake numerous other sporting activities in the region, including golf, swimming, supping, climbing (indoor and outdoor), paragliding, wakeboarding, and water skiing. Or, after a long day of exploring, you can always unwind in a spa instead! Several medium-sized cities such as Martigny, Sierre, and Sion are also nearby, and if you prefer to visit a slightly larger city, Montreux (1.5 hours) is a good option to consider.

© Photo: Michael Sieber

The dining opportunities no doubt cater for everyone, too! Crans-Montana is located in the French-speaking part of Valais, and you can clearly see the French influences in the culinary offerings, which are very diverse and of high quality. The inner man really doesn’t lack anything here.

#8 A very diverse terrain

Short climbs, longer climbs, vineyards, meadows, and also flat terrain – there’s so much diversity in terms of the terrain in and around Crans-Montana. The views of the four-thousanders of the Valais Alps are fabulous.

#9 Hiking and trail running

Hiking is no doubt one of the most popular activities in the region, as is the case for so many Alpine destinations. The ski elevator takes you to Cry d’Er or Violettes, from where you can undertake some truly beautiful hikes with breathtaking views.

Not only for biking, Crans-Montana is a hot spot for trail running as well. More than 15 signposted trails await you!

© Photo: François Panchard

#10 Excellent accessibility

Crans-Montana does not require complicated mountain passes, tunnels, or winding roads to reach, which can be a problem in many cases. In fact, the region is centrally located and easy to reach. Moreover, thanks to the funicular connection with Sierre, the train is also an excellent option.

Want to know more? Visit our extensive regional page. Crans-Montana? Absolutely!

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