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05-02-2022 | Frank Jansen

CycloWorld adds German language, more to follow

Some visitors may have already noticed. As of now, you can also set the language setting of our website to German. All fixed texts on the website are available in German as of immediately. The beginning of another step for our platform.

Why more languages?

In the statistics we see that more and more international visitors are finding our website. Very nice of course! But terms like "gran fondo" and "sportive" do not mean much to everyone. Many users therefore asked us to make at least the calendar and the detail pages of the tours multilingual. But when we do something at CycloWorld, we do it well. And therefore we have translated not only the calendar, but all the regular texts on the website into German, with the help of one of our regular visitors.

Not everything is German

It is simply not feasible for us to publish the news in languages other than Dutch and English. So this will remain. If your language setting is German you will see the news in English. The newsletter will also remain bilingual: English and Dutch.

Soon also Italian and Spanish

It does not stop here. Very soon the Spanish and Italian languages will follow. We already had the French language, and it will stay that way. Also for French, by the way, the news items will not be translated.

Do you see a mistake?

Of course, there may be a mistake in the German translations. Let us know!

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