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09-11-2023 | CycloWorld

Cyql: the app for cycling more, safely, and together!

Cycling is more than just an activity; it is a healthy passion that connects and creates a sense of belonging. Whether you are training intensely or cycling leisurely through the countryside, the journey becomes extra special when you are in company. That's exactly where Cyql comes in - the digital solution that is changing the cycling world and taking your cycling clubs to the next level!


Why choose Cyql?

In the dynamic world of cycling enthusiasts, effective communication is indispensable. Organizing group rides via cumbersome WhatsApp groups is often perceived as cluttered. Cyql drops this problem and offers a smooth, integrated approach to bringing cyclists together.

Make an end to cluttered WhatsApp messages

Cyql is changing the way cycling clubs communicate by taking them from noisy WhatsApp groups to a tightly designed app. Coordinate rides, share updates, and stay in sync, all without overloading the entire group with messages.

Your cycling community always on hand

With Cyql your cycling community is always at your fingertips. Members can plan rides, communicate with each other, confirm their participation and see who is also joining. Organizing and tracking club activities has never been so intuitive.

Cyql Platform Image

Try Cyql for free

Are you interested in exploring Cyql with your club or group of friends? Sign up your club, download the app, invite your friends and dive into the digital cycling world. It works fast, easy and free of charge!

Safety first

Cyql is committed to safety. For each ride, you can set limits on group size and appoint route guides. And should something unexpected happen, you'll have instant access to emergency contact information for participants.

With Cyql, you can also:

  • Invite new cycling enthusiasts and grow your club.
  • Select suitable rides based on criteria such as speed and distance.
  • Have all club business conveniently in one place.
  • Easy contact with club members through a visual member overview.
  • Trading bike accessories on a dedicated club market.
  • Stay up to date on club news and events.
  • Be inspired by new routes from an extensive database.

Shortly put, with Cyql you get an updated, enhanced cycling club experience, with an emphasis on safety, community and fun. Don't wait, Cyql for yourself now! Share your passion for cycling with a global community. Your cycling adventure starts with Cyql!

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