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29-04-2022 | Frank Jansen

Participant Giro Sardegna tragically deceased

Very sad news from the Giro Sardegna. A 64-year-old rider became unwell during one of the stages and died on the spot. 

Organizer Antonio Scarpitti tells us what happened.

"A rider from Milan had registered for the Giro Sardegna in order to celebrate a sporting vacation with his family and friends. Seven kilometers from the finish of stage 5 (he was the last rider on the course and had the broom wagon behind him), he stopped, parked his bike and then collapsed on the ground. A doctor was immediately there who realized he had a heart problem and gave him chest compressions. He got up and talked to the doctor and the driver of the broom wagon but shortly thereafter he collapsed again. The ambulance (which had a defibrillator) was quickly on the scene but all was in vain and he died. His wife was called and she, along with her other friends, explicitly asked for the course to continue. This morning, the friends also did the planned route (but as a memorial and not as a race). Fabio Aru went with them."

This is an intensely sad day. Our thoughts are with the family, friends and relatives.

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