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What is Destination Sport Experiences?

Riding gran fondos and sportives is becoming increasingly popular. The most famous events are fully booked very quickly. How do you still get start tickets? Together with Destination Sport Experiences we help with that. This British organization is a big name in the field of sports travel to the best cycling, running and triathlon events. The people behind Destination Sport Experiences are themselves avid runners, cyclists and triathletes, so they understand the needs of the participants.

Collaboration with CycloWorld

We exclusively offer start tickets from the most popula gran fondos and sportives. Events that are booked up quickly or of which the start and finish location are far away from each other. We also have events that you can combine with a pro classic.

What to expect

  • Hotel.
  • Start ticket.
  • Transportation to the start if start and finish are far apart.
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Arrangements for the corresponding pro race (if applicable).

Exclusively for CycloWorld, you will receive 10% discount with discount code CW2210 on hotel bookings, race tickets and hospitality packages. The conditions differ per event.


The longest distance is full, but we still have starting tickets for all distances. Includes hotel and transport to the start.

How does the ordering process work?

Ordering through the Destination Sport Experiences website is simple and intuitive.

First Your Options fill in the form before clicking Book Now . Then walk through the workflow of the ordering process.

On the Payment tab, enter the discount code 

How do I get my discount?

In the ordering process, you can click on tab Payment the following discount code fill in: CW2210

Does the discount code apply to the entire amount?

The discount code is calculated on hotel bookings, start tickets or hospitality packages. What you get a discount on differs per event. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

How do I receive my start ticket?

The start ticket comes as an e-ticket and can be printed at home.

How do I pay?

Payments are made securely with a credit card.

The start location and finish location are far apart. Is transportation arranged?

In these cases, Destination Sport Experiences almost always has transportation arranged on the morning of the trip. You will then be driven to the starting point and afterwards you can go directly to the hotel.

Why do I have to pay in pounds?

Destination Sport is based in the United Kingdom. Therefore, you checkout in British pounds. You pay with your credit card and then pounds are automatically converted into euros.

What about VAT?

This is included in the price.

What about import duties and the Brexit?

Since the Brexit, import duties do indeed have to be paid when you buy something in the UK, but import duties only apply to goods and not to services. So this is not applicable.

I have a problem with the order. Who is liable?

The order is made to Destination Sport Experiences. They are fully liable for any problems. CycloWorld is in no way liable for problems with the order.

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