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19-10-2023 | Frank Jansen

Dynaplug Racer and Racer Pro review

Even with a tubeless setup, you can still puncture, although the chance of this happening is considerably smaller than with other systems. If you want to get back on the road quickly, a Dynaplug will help. I've tested the Racer and Racer Pro.

Tubeless and still have a flat?

The most common solution to a large puncture in a tubeless setup is to insert an inner tube and put something in front of the hole/crack (e.g. a piece of an old tire). This is a good but laborious method. Especially with tight tire/rim combinations, it can also be a challenge to get the tire back onto the rim.

There must be a more convenient way of doing this. In the world of car and motorcycle tires, an alternative already exists for decades: inserting a plug into the tire from the outside. This emergency repair is now slowly coming to the world of cycling. I tested the Dynaplug Racer and Racer Pro from the American company that has the same name.

Photo: above the Racer, below the Racer Pro,

What is a Dynaplug?

A Dynaplug is a tool that is slightly shorter and thinner than a ballpoint pen. On either side is a cap. If you take that off, the plugs come out. There are different sizes of plugs. The large one is especially aimed at the MTB. More often you will use the smaller plugs (if necessary 2 next to each other).

Photo: above: small plug. Below: thicker plug.

Difference Racer and Racer Pro

The Racer Pro (10.8 cm) is just a bit longer. You can screw out both sides and turn them over. On one side there is room for 2 thin plugs. On the other side is one thick plug and one thin one, but if desired you can also choose two thin ones. The weight is 26 grams.

The Racer is just a bit shorter at 9.5 cm and has room for only 2 plugs. On one side there is a thin one and on the other side a thick one. Again, you can of course choose 2 thin ones. The weight is just 24 grams.

In the video below you can see the difference yourself.

Using the plug

And then it was waiting for the first big leak.... It took months, but last week it finally happened. I drove through an enormously thick nail, not even sealant helped against that. After the usual latex shower the tire was totally flat. I was in doubt between the thin and thick plug, and decided to try the thin one first. You push the plug from the outside through the hole and pull back. The hook keeps the plug in place as soon as you pull it back. Add a CO2 cartridge (pumping is also an option) and within 2 minutes you are on your way again. The plug sticks out a bit (see photo), but this will not bother you.

How long can you keep riding?

On car tires, a plug is sometimes used as a permanent solution. Can it also be used on bicycle tires? The opinions and experiences are diverse. I put it to the test and rode on effortlessly for a few more trips. I did cut off the excess part of the plug with a sharp knife. It has to be said that my leak was right in the middle of the tread. Although there is a lot of pressure on it, there is little stress on this part of the tire. If the plug is in the sidewall of the tire, the chances are slim that the plug will last long, we think.

Repairing the tire permanently

Since the tire was still good, I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could repair the hole from the inside. That turned out to work fine with a special tubeless tire sticker from TipTop. I could easily pull off the plug by hand, the hook was loose in the tire. Even after a few rides the tire was still good. This proves once again: repairing is always a good idea.


The Dynaplug does exactly what it promises. A real must for every tubeless rider and also very suitable for riders with 2 left hands. The tool is very well made, fits easily in a small saddlebag and is light. The only disadvantage is the high price. Both cost about 50 euros (incl. plugs) and that's serious money. The plugs can be ordered separately, the price is reasonable (€12.95 for 5 pieces). A Dynaplug (or any other similar solution) is not a permanent solution. Sooner or later you will have to repair or replace the tire. When it comes to choosing between the Racer or the Racer Pro we recommend the Pro. This one is only a tiny bit longer and barely heavier, but it does accommodate 4 plugs instead of 2.

No payment was made in any way for this and other reviews on CycloWorld.

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