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04-12-2023 | Nicolien Luijsterburg | 1 Comment

Cycling on the island of eternal spring, Tenerife

November marks the onset of cold, wet, stormy, and dark conditions in northern Europe, prompting many cyclists to dream of pedaling through sunnier landscapes. Following a brief respite post-summer, the disappointment of uncooperative weather can be disheartening when attempting to resume cycling with reduced fitness. A welcome escape is a week-long cycling adventure on the perpetually spring-like island of Tenerife.

A long-awaited curiosity

Having harbored a long-standing curiosity about cycling in the Canary Islands, the allure of clean roads and breathtaking views finally led me to explore Tenerife. Our November journey involved a week of cycling, including participation in the two-day gran fondo, Ride like a Pro Tenerife. Thanks to TeideBike, we enjoyed brand-new BH Ultralight bikes with Shimano Di2 12-speed, aero handlebars, Vison TC 40 wheels, and a comfortable Prologo saddle—ideal for conquering the island's predominantly uphill terrain.

Photo: excellent rental bike from TeideBike.

Embarking on climbs

Situated on the southwest side in Playa Paraiso, our cycling excursions began with a leisurely round trip. The weather proved delightful, although acclimating to temperatures between 25 and 28 degrees was necessary. The challenging terrain, especially a 15 km climb at Los Gigantes on the first day, became a recurring theme on Tenerife. With El Teide dominating the landscape, almost every road seemed to converge towards this iconic volcano, providing ample opportunities for climbs, which our responsive bikes made more enjoyable.

After two days, our bodies adapted, and the consistently splendid weather further enhanced our experience. A decision to join TeideBike on a group ride unveiled the chance to explore two different routes in the company of fellow cyclists, creating memorable moments amidst Tenerife's stunning landscapes.

Conquering Pico del Teide

Midweek, the ultimate challenge awaited—the ascent to the summit of Teide, Spain's highest mountain at 3718 meters. Choosing the route from Los Christianos/Arona/Vilaflor, we navigated through bustling areas before the landscape transformed into a spectacle of beauty. A 48 km climb with over 2400 meters of elevation unfolded, offering both a daunting challenge and breathtaking views. After reaching the plateau at almost 2200 meters, we veered right toward the 'real' summit near the Teleférico del Teide, where the scenery was nothing short of phenomenal.

Following a coffee break on the summit, we descended via a thrilling route toward Chio in the northwest, enjoying the incredible landscapes that make Tenerife a cycling paradise.

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Exploring the northern charm

Before a well-deserved rest day preceding the upcoming gran fondo weekend, we embark on a journey to the enchanting north of the island. Opting for a change of scenery, we load our bikes into the rental car and set off from the village of Garachico. The northern side unfolds with a tropical and colonial ambiance, characterized by lush greenery (thanks to increased rainfall) and a local-centric atmosphere in the villages, where colorful houses contribute to the cozy setting. While the roads offer a delightful experience, our return journey necessitates navigating a bustling and sizable road.

Photo: the north side of the island looks completely different.

Reflecting on the week

As the week unfolds with plenty of climbs and excitement, the gran fondo still awaits completion. Looking back on these days, a mix of exceptional journeys and scenic routes stands out. Admittedly, some challenging roads were inevitable due to limited alternatives, yet the subsequent experiences always proved worthwhile. Along the way, we discovered beautiful beaches and observed the myriad of available excursions. It occurs to me that a cycling vacation here could seamlessly blend with the preferences of non-cycling family members. Personally, I had a fantastic cycling vacation, greatly appreciating the quality rental bike from TeideBike. Endless climbs and all under the November sun in short sleeves—what more could one ask for in a cycling getaway?

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Marcel van Herten 

  04 Dec, 2023     4 months ago     Reply

lekker!! Zo te lezen een echte aanrader

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