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07-06-2023 | Frank Jansen

Tremola disappears from the Alpenbrevet

The sold-out Alpenbrevet presented the routes yesterday. It shows that the old Gotthard Pass, also known as the Tremola, has disappeared from the Silbertour. The route of the Goldtour has also been changed.

Silber and Gold routes reversed

The riding direction of the routes of the Silbertour (108 km, 3200m+) as well as the Goldtour (212 km/5080m+) has been changed. Both routes are now ridden clockwise. For the Silbertour, this means that participants start with the Gotthard from the north side. Descending is not done via the Tremola, but via the new pass - without cobblestones, that is. After the Nufenenpass from the east side, riders climb the Furkapass from the south side, thus passing Hotel Belvédere during the climb.

Participants in the Goldtour start with the Oberalp Pass. Via the north side of the Lukmanier they arrive in Biasca, where they begin the grueling 60-kilometer climb to the summit of the Nufenen Pass at 2480 meters. For them, too, the Furka Pass from the south side follows next. 

Platin unchanged

The longest distance  (Platintour) remains unchanged. Starting from Andermatt, participants will begin with the Susten Pass, followed by the Grimsel Pass, the Nufenen from the west side and then the Lukmanier and the Oberalp. So the Platin riders do ride the lap counterclockwise, which means that the Gold and Platin participants will meet in opposite directions.

The organization emphasizes that the routes are not yet final. The changes have to do with permits:

"We do not have the permission from the canton of Uri to start over the Furkapass. That's pretty much the main reason we have to ride Silbertour in the other direction which kicks Tremola out of the route. Same problem for Gold."

It is what it is. We'll keep you updated.

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