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09-12-2022 | Frank Jansen

Review: Dasty degreaser

The degreaser Dasty has been a top tip among cyclists for a while now. This product costs only a few euros, has had a loyal fan base for years. High time to give it a try myself. After a winter on the road, my rotating parts needed a little polishing. Until now I usually used diesel or lamp oil, but of course that is not so nice for the environment. So at first glance, that seems more expensive than a liter of diesel, for which you pay about 2€ at the time of writing. But now comes the best news: Dasty is so strong that you can dilute it 1:1 with water. This brings the price to 1,10 per liter. Very reasonable so.

The degreasing itself goes according to the standard recipe. One takes an old plastic container, for example an ice cream or food container. For a chain you can also very well take an old water bottle, then you can shake well. You put in a layer of Dasty, add the same amount of water and put in all the parts to be degreased. In my case that was a cassette and a chain. Let it stand for a while and polish the parts one by one with an old washing-up brush or toothbrush and then with a rag. Of course, you can also put Dasty in a chain wash just fine.

The result

I was very pleased with the result. The pictures speak for themselves. In my opinion it degreases better than diesel and works faster. It is also much cheaper than similar products from the well-known names. Morgan Blue degreaser costs €10,95 for a liter and Muc-off degreaser €21,95 for 750 ml (prices: Highly recommended!

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