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01-08-2021 | Wouter Fioole

Giro delle Dolomiti: 6. Team Crono

To end a wonderful week of cycling, there is still an almost flat stage of 85 kilometers. Well, flat, still 555m+ The elevation is actually all in the Giro Sprint, the last test uphill. As announced, I would go for it and I did. The punch is completely out of my legs and my heart rate can no longer be trusted. As a result, I blew myself up... 27th. But I had some fun.

The route continued along and through the valley: the wine route according to the briefing. And indeed everywhere you looked there were vines or fruit trees. Around us the mountains formed a massive honorary hedge. Surprisingly nice and especially beautiful to see the natural beauty from this angle. As a group, we paddled towards the day's stop. More importantly, to the start of the Team Crono. All week long there was a large board in the start and finish hall where you could put together a team. The social aspect, as already emphasized a few times, is important, therefore a team to be put together on the spot is encouraged.

With three other Dutchmen (Siep, Ype and Oscar) I formed "Dutch Dynamite". The name mainly because we were afraid to completely explode in the 15 kilometer course. That was not so bad! With Ype as the big engine we hammered to a nice average of 41.3 km/h. Good for a 12th place between the 31 teams. For those who could not or did not want to find a team, there was a race on the same course. Everyone could go full speed ahead.

And that was it all of a sudden. Another 30 kilometers out of the bike back to Bolzano and the 44th Giro delle Dolomiti is over. My aftertaste?

Social aspect

Most importantly, it really is a social event first and foremost. The rides are really group rides with a small element of competition. So don't expect to race all day every day like you would at the Riderman. The pace is manageable for every trained cyclist, the breaks are long and when regrouping sometimes you have to wait. It's a perfect event to go to with a group of cycling friends of various levels or your non-cycling partner. Everyone can do their thing while always riding together. Furthermore, the event is really fantastic orginazation. From the traffic to the lunch and everything around and in between.

And finally, the region you ride through... Phenomenal.

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