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03-02-2023 | CycloWorld redactie

The relaxed atmosphere of the Giro Sardegna

A stage race, but without stress and hysteria. The Giro Sardegna proves it can be done. Meet this delightful Italian and, above all, versatile multi-day event taking place from April 23-28, 2023.

Unique concept

The Giro Sardegna (April 23-28) is a stage race with a unique concept. Or rather concepts, as participants have quite a few options and decide in what form they want to ride the event.

  • If you're going all-in, you'll ride the GranGiro: six stages covering 438 km and 5888m+. This is a stage race with timekeeping, daily winners, an overall classification.
  • There is also a shorter version of this, the MedioGiro of 353 km and 4460m+. This one is also competitive.
  • Maybe you don't feel like riding the full six days, but still want to race. No problem, you can ride the opening stages as a single day gran event (both GranFondo and MedioFondo).
  • Finally, there's the Tour, a daily non-competitive short ride with not too much climbing.

We know from previous years that the organizers are very flexible when it comes to individual needs. Do you want to switch to the medio after three days of GranGiro? No problem. Would you like to continue in the GranFondo after having ridden the GranGiro? Fine. Don't want to ride all the stages of the Tour? No problem either. All combinations are possible: mix & match.


GranGiro and MedioGiro

  • Without hotel: €250 (men) and €200 (women)
  • With hotel: €200 (men) and €150 (women) + hotel (from €570 pp)


  • Without hotel: €200 (men) and €150 (women)
  • With hotel: €150 (men) and €100 (women) + hotel (starting at €570 pp)

MedioFondo and GranFondo

  • €20 when booking in advance
  • €25 locally

Relaxed atmosphere

Every day an elaborate awards ceremony takes place at the riders' hotel, which you can optionally book. If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation you can, of course, do so as well. The relaxed character is largely caused by the small-scale set-up. The participant numbers are slowly returning to the days before covid. At the moment, some 400 riders (m/f) have already registered.

Changeable but fixed location in Sardinia

Very special is that the Giro Sardegna chooses a different corner of the island as its base every year. From that base all stages start and finish, so no hassle with packing suitcases and travel. For 2023, the beautiful Colostrai in the southeast is the starting place. Of course, Colostrai is located on the coast, so after cycling you can jump right into the sea or laze around on the beach.

More information

You can find a lot more info on the website.

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