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03-05-2022 | Frank Jansen

Gloryfy G20 review

Austrian eyewear brand Gloryfy has been pushing hard in recent years. The brand is not unknown to me, as I have been riding the Radical Timmelsjoch for years, which I once received as a gift when I rode the Ötztaler. We tested Gloryfy's new sports glasses, the G20. Do you want to win these beautiful shades? Then read on because we can give away our review copy.

Be unbreakable

The motto of Gloryfy is be unbreakable. And that is also one of the features that makes all Gloryfy glasses unique: they are unbreakable. What do you have to think about that? This short film gives a nice impression:

Wearing comfort

It certainly doesn't stop there. Our G20 specimen also has a number of unique features. The nose wings are easy to adjust by hand. The legs are easily adjusted by bending them inward or outward. No tools or heating is required. In practice this works perfectly. There are no rubbers on the legs, the so-called ear socks. In advance I am quite skeptical whether the glasses without it will sit but this proves unfounded. The glasses remain in place perfectly under all circumstances. And that's good news, because sooner or later you always lose an ear sock.

The wearing comfort of the glasses is excellent anyway. The glasses also fit well, so there is no wind coming in during a descent.


The design of the G20 has clearly moved with the times and clearly follows the trends in cycling eyewear. A one-piece lens, lots of glass, not too wide and quite high. Combined with the right helmet, we think the design is very successful, but there's no accounting for taste. The level of finishing is excellent, exactly what you expect from glasses produced in Austria. Of course, the glasses come in a neat hard case, complete with a microfiber cloth/bag to keep them clean.

How about the lens?

Of course, the most important thing about a pair of glasses is still the lens. Our model is of the Flatline Infrared type and features the Stratos Anthracite F3 lens. This lens has a tint percentage of 85% and thus looks quite dark. According to the manufacturer, he comes out best in sunny conditions. But in practice the lens also did very well in less light (eg in a dark forest). Excellent for sunny rides in the open, but certainly also useful for mountain bike or gravel rides through the woods.

To illustrate this story, I took a picture through the lens in a forest on a gray day. On the right you see the same photo but not through the lens. As you can see with the sunglasses on you can still see excellent.

Five models

There are 5 different versions of the G20 available (from left to right)

  1. Flatline Black Shiny. Black frame and same lens as our test specimen, only with anthracite/silver finish.
  2. Sphere Blue. Grey frame. It also has the Stratos lens but with a blue finish.
  3. Flatline Clear. Transparent frame. These glasses have the orange Energizer lens with with orange finish, meant for poor light conditions. 
  4. Flatline E-Bike TRF. Black frame with the Transformer lens that automatically fades in.
  5. Flatline infrared (our test sample). Black frame with the Stratos lens.

The lenses are not available separately. As this model is rather difficult to change, Gloryfy does not recommend it. Whether this is a disadvantage depends on the user. In my experience, changing lenses is often a pain.


Service is another important aspect of glasses in this price range. I also know from experience that Gloryfy's after-sales service is very good. After years of use I lost a nose piece and an ear sock of my Radical. One email and it was sent from Austria free of charge and in no time.


With the G20, Gloryfy has produced one hell of a pair of glasses. Shades with a hefty price tag (189€), but then you get a virtually unbreakable, very nicely finished pair of glasses that are also produced in the EU. We are very enthusiastic about the Stratos lens. This satisfies in a very wide range of light conditions. Except on very dark days you will next to these glasses not quickly need another. The design is a matter of taste but we like it. Although you could say that it is perhaps a bit similar to what the competition currently offers.

And if you are still struggling with the purchase price, we have good news for you: we can give away our review copy. Keep an eye on our Instagram for that.

Plus and minus

+ Great lens, even when the sun is not shining
+ Comfortable to wear
+ Nice design
+ Level of finish
+ Unbreakable
+ Easy to adjust
+ Made in EU
- Solid price
- Design may look a bit much like competition
- Lens not interchangeable might be an issue for some users

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