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19-01-2024 | CycloWorld

Gravel riding in Cyprus: guaranteed adventure

Gravel riding abroad often brings you to the edge of what a gravel bike can handle, making a mountain bike a more suitable choice. Yet, there are places where gravel bikes shine, like Tuscany and the midwestern US. Cyprus, however, offers a unique experience for gravel riders, providing more than just cycling adventures.

Scenic view of Cyprus landscape, ideal for gravel riding

Cycling in Cyprus

Located in the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is a four-hour flight away. The climate is mild, with winter temperatures around 15 degrees. Spring is the ideal time to visit, with comfortable temperatures and blooming landscapes. Our visit last year to Cyprus was a delightful surprise, detailed in our extensive travelogue. Cyprus accommodates all types of cyclists, including road bikers, highlighted by a three-day UCI race. Moreover, the island is rapidly gaining fame as a gravel destination.

Versatility galore

In Cyprus, mountainous gravel rides are achievable without overtaxing the capabilities of a gravel bike. The routes offer diverse experiences including hidden valleys, ancient ruins, remote villages, and stunning vistas.

A fantastic way to immerse in Cyprus' gravel riding is the Bedrock Gravel Festival, based in the traditional village of Tochni on the south coast. This festival provides access to the island's best gravel roads, promising an unforgettable adventure.

Participants at the Bedrock Gravel Festival in Cyprus

Bedrock Gravel Festival

  • April 14-21, 2024 (shorter options available).
  • Daily organized rides.
  • The festival culminates with a Gravel Race on Saturday, April 20.
  • Week-long, four-day, race-only, or customized packages.
  • Includes accommodation, breakfast, and dinner.
  • Additional activities like wine tasting, yoga, and workshops.
  • Organized by the same team as the UCI Gran Fondo.
  • Exclusive 50% off ticket offer.

For more information, visit the official website.

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