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07-11-2023 | Eveline van der Hek

Five reasons not to greet on the bike

Among us cyclists, there's often a debate about whether or not to exchange greetings. Here are the top five reasons not to offer a salute.

1. Don't greet with your mouth full.

If you're in the middle of enjoying a snack while cycling, it's better to hold off on verbal greetings. Just like talking with your mouth full at the dinner table, it's not the most polite choice. Plus, you don't want to risk choking, especially when you're catching your breath.

2. Avoid saluting while engaged in a conversation with your cycling buddy.

Interrupting a good chat with your cycling companion to greet someone else can come across as rude. Prioritize your buddy; they deserve your full attention!

3. Refrain from greetings during special maneuvers.

Imagine you're in the middle of adjusting your gear or clothing when an oncoming car distracts you. It's not only embarrassing but also gives the impression that you're not in control. Focus on your own actions, and if necessary, practice roadside maneuvers for safety.

4. Don't greet while lost in thought.

If you're deep in thought about your route, navigation, or other important decisions, it's best to skip the greeting. Concentration is key when you need to make crucial biking choices.

5. Avoid greetings during interval workouts.

If you're in the middle of a focused interval workout, save the greetings for later. Wait until you're home to check your performance data to avoid any unexpected dips in your training results.

If none of these situations apply to you, feel free to offer a greeting. You can say hi, give a subtle hand raise, nod your head, or even just a slight finger gesture on the handlebars. Keep in mind that if the other person doesn't respond, they may be adhering to one of these unwritten rules of the road.

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