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09-06-2022 | Herman Nekkers

How to publish your Strava ride without stress

Publishing the ride on Strava is a stressful activity for many cyclists. Your bike computer has automatically published the ride on Strava, but you want everyone to see all the information, right? Fortunately, the solution to this Strava stress is very simple.

You've just completed a beautiful ride and now that you're back home your bike computer automatically uploads the route to Strava. Pretty nifty. But you took some great photos, came up with a clever title, you want to add your story and you need to correct the elevation. Meanwhile, the first kudos are already coming in. Stress! Everyone has to be able to see your correct ride! Whatever needs to be done: Strava first! Not very pleasant for those around you.

How do you prevent Strava stress?

The solution is simple. Go to Set the visibility of Activities to 'Only You'. This setting will publish all your rides as private from now on. It will be on Strava, but no one will be able to see it. This is not retroactive, by the way. So your old rides will still be visible.

You can now take a shower first, drink a recovery drink and adjust your ride whenever it suits you. You can make your ride visible to everyone or to your followers via the privacy management of your ride.

It's not much harder than that, your surroundings will thank you.

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