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15-08-2021 | Frank Jansen

Short news: GF Mt Ventoux, Mercan'Tour and Münsterland Giro

August is traditionally a quiet month in the world of gran fondos and sportives. Many people are on vacation and there aren't that many events being organised. Nevertheless, before we enter the crowded autumn, there is some short news to report.

  • New routes for the GF Mont Ventoux in 2022. A short course will be added and the organization is seriously considering an ultra fondo of 265 km / 5600m+ (which of course includes 3x the Ventoux). Judging by the reactions on the Facebook message, the Ultrafondo is coming. The route of the gran fondo has also been tinkered with, it increases from 122 km / 3300m+ to 152 km with 3600m+.

  • The Mercan'Tour Bonette (22-8) has unfortunately been cancelled. The organizers don't think is het doable, given thee most recent corona measures.
  • Sparkassen Münsterland Giro let it be known that it will postpone the decision on whether or not to continue. The target date is October 3, 2021. Should the event go ahead, CycloWorld will give away start tickets. Want to stay informed? Add the event to your favorites and automatically receive an email as soon as there is an update.
  • The Volta Classic Limburg was canceled earlier this season due to flooding in South Limburg. But there is good news. There is a new date: October 9.

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